Easter procession

Worship is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We worship the Triune God, focusing on the three persons of the One God, God the Father or Creator, God the Son our Redeemer, Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit, the Sustainer. Sometimes in the Episcopal Church we say that our Sunday worship is the springboard for life. In other words, our Sunday worship is not intended to be a segregated part of our week or isolated part of our being but something that is integrated into our week and incorporated into our being. It is a gift that teaches us how to live all the time. The word "liturgy" comes from the Greek, meaning "public works," which refers to all the people of the church, the participation, of everyone who gathers together for worship.

When we pray together through the liturgy we are participating in an ancient stream of worship, over two thousand years old for us Christians, based on Jewish liturgies even older than that. Think about it -- when we pray together in this fashion we are joining the voices of others in the room but also all around the world, today and beyond time. We join all the saints in ages past. Our prayers point to a deep connection to the living and the dead through God. These common prayers have withstood the test of time. What a joy and privilege to enter this mystery that points us to God.