Haiti mass at St. Marc's

Haitians celebrating mass at St. Marc's Church / School in 2014.

Haiti group

The group visiting Haiti in 2014 included Rev. Shelby Owen, Steve Owen, and Matthew Poteat, along with Rev. Paul Nancarrow, Lee Nancarrow, and Michele Edwards from Trinity Episcopal Church.

Virginia Haiti Collaborative

The Virginia Haiti Collaborative is a group of churches, schools, and individuals partnering with St. Marc's Primary School in Cerca-La-Source to improve education in Haiti. Since June 2009, the collaborative has:

Outcomes of the Partnership

Current Activities


The Collaborative usually has monthly meetings on the third Tuesday, 5:30 pm at Trinity Church, Staunton, Virginia in the Foster Room. For more information on the Collaborative, please contact Meneta Deaton at mpdeaton@gmail.com, or visit the website.