A Word about our Commissions

To be faithful witnesses of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Emmanuel relies upon both the members, or laity, and the clergy of the church to be responsible for certain functions of our church. These functions have been organized into nine commissions, or committees. The chair of each commission is responsible for recruiting, training, encouraging, and assisting volunteers in the Emmanuel community. Anyone in the congregation with an interest in a particular commission is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in commission meetings. Most commissions meet a few times per year, depending on their needs.

Education Commission

The Education Commission at Emmanuel coordinates efforts for the education and formation of our children and youth. They provide for Sunday School as well as other children's programs through the year.

Daniel Nessar, Vestry liaison fireballnessar@aol.com

Fellowship Commission

Fellowship Commission: definition: friendly relationship, companionship, community of interest The Fellowship Committee here at Emmanuel is chaired by Jackie Bednarz with the purpose of creating a fellowship environment for special occasions such as Second Sunday Soup, Bishop visits, funerals, holiday special events, just to name a few. When you walk into a Fellowship event and see a spread of food, drink, and decorations, you will know that Kate, the organizer-in-chief, has brought in her helpers. The Committee also provides a pantry of paper products and various accoutrements needed for these events and other church meetings.

Join the Fellowship Committee!

Contact Phyllis Whetzel, Vestry liaison byphyllisann@yahoo.com

Finance Commission

The Finance Commission oversees the finances of the parish, including the preparation of the annual budget, monitors the annual pledge drive and coordinates the annual audit or audit review, as approved by the Diocese.

Sam Dawson, Chair and Vestry Liaison campghany@gmail.com

Mission Commission

The Mission Commission, a newly established group, has the responsibility to notice where God's Spirit is at work in the world around us and to help the parish join in that work. Currently much of that focus is tied into the work of the "Living Local: Joining God" group.

Contact: Sue Buerkel, Chair, at buerkelsue@gmail.com
or Daniel Lynn, Vestry liaison, at drlynn@ntelos.net

Outreach Commission

The Outreach Commission is charged with identifying community needs and developing and implementing programs to assist in meeting those needs. This Commission meets periodically to evaluate ongoing efforts, discuss new needs, and raise and distribute money to support agencies serving people in need. It holds up outreach activities to the parish as a way to do God's work in our community. Our parish contributes its resources to various local charities including the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, several local food pantries, Staunton Augusta Church Relief Association (SACRA), the Salvation Army, the Daily Living Center, Meals on Wheels and Community Child Care. In recent years we have also been very active with the Virginia Haiti Collaborative and several of our members have spent time doing mission work with St. Marc's School in Cerca-la-Source.

Mary Evans Lott, Chair, maryevanslott@hotmail.com; Laura Yordy, Vestry liaison, laura.yordy@gmail.com

Pastoral Care Commission

The Pastoral Care Commission works to ensure that our parish members are helped in whatever way they may need. One aspect of this consists of the delivery of a meal or two to a person or family that has had a new baby, is going through a period of convalescence related to illness, injury, or hospitalization, or is in crisis due to a death in the family, or the loss of work. This ministry occasionally provides transportation for parishioners who are unable to drive to medical appointments or to attend services at church. We offer prayers for families and friends who are ill, in danger, in trouble, have died or simply need our support for special problems. The commission provides timely cards to those hospitalized, in mourning or experiencing some other difficulty to show our compassion and prayers for their well-being. Anyone who wants to help your parishioners in need is welcome.

For more information, contact Katherine Turner at kturner@marybaldwin.edu or Wendy Brown, the Vestry liaison at wrbrown3809@comcast.net

Property Commission back yard

Property Commission

The Property Commission's purpose is to monitor and address the physical property needs of the church. They periodically hold clean up days, encouraging all members to spruce up the church.

Allan Hadfield, Chair dcsahadfield@aol.com; Vestry liaison, Jim Echols, jeechols@verizon.net

Stewardship Commission

The Stewardship Commission is charged with conducting the annual pledge drive as well as raising funds for special projects that serve the needs of the parish, such as building projects, the Gibbs-Lotz scholarships endowment, the Emmanuel Endowment and other funds. The Commission also facilitates planned giving bequests. Stewardship Commission reminds us of the joy and responsibility associated with the good use of our talents, time and financial resources.

Co-chairs and Vestry Liaisons: Bev Coffman (Senior Warden) at bccoffman@verizon.net and Jim Echols (Junior Warden) at jeechols@verizon.net

Worship Commission

The Worship Commission has the role of addressing the needs of Emmanuel's worship services and practices. The commission meets a few times per year to consider creative as well as traditional approaches to worship. The areas of worship that are represented include Altar Guild, Lectors, Intercessors, Eucharistic Ministers, Acolytes, Sound System Operators, etc. Training for these positions is offered and encouraged.

Matthew Poteat at rmpoteat@hotmail.com; Vestry liaison, Bev Coffman at bccoffman@verizon.net

Communication Commission

The Communication Commission coordinates various aspects of communication between Emmanuel, the neighborhood, and the world, including the newsletter, website, signage, etc.

Meneta Deaton, Chair and Vestry Liaison at mpdeaton@gmail.com